Scrap Wood Project Box



IN A WORLD FULL OF WATCHERS...BE A MAKER! We all are guilty of seeing a cute project and sharing it to our feed or saving it to our Pinterest boards but what if I told you that YOU can bring these ideas to life! YOU can get your hands dirty, and YOU can be the MAKER instead of the pinner.

This box was created for those of us who want to make all the thing but don't have all the things...wood, tools, measuring skills...I get it. I once used to be just like you, then I decided to make it happen! Let me help you too!

What is in Each Box?

Each box will contain 3-5 unfinished scrap wood projects (depending on size) ready for customization. Each month the projects will be designed around a central theme**Projects are wood cuts only, if you are interested in complete kits those are available under the Project Kits tab.

How Often Do I Receive A Box?

You will receive a box at the beginning of each month! We try to ship the last weekend of the month so you have plenty of time to receive and make your creations!

How much does it cost and when will I be billed?

$49.99 + FREE SHIPPING is billed on the 1st of every month. Boxes are billed ahead. For example, the payment that comes out on September 1st is for the box that will ship in October...make sense?

No hidden fees and no codes required!

Can I Cancel at Anytime?

Yes, girl! No obligations! At sign up you will be invited to create a customer portal where you can track your boxes and control your subscription at any time!

Do I get VIP Access?

YES! Me and all the other subscribers get to hang out on our own PRIVATE Pinterest board where we can pin and share ideas for the wood you receive in the boxes!